BelfieStick will let you take a picture of your butt


Selfies have suddenly flooded into the pictures world around the globe, while some people doing crazy unique stuff to get the best selfie or maybe just proof that they do crazy things. The selfie craze started with the front camera in smartphone which was actually given for video calling and now people want better quality selfies so the so said “selfie stick” can into existence. This stick gave users some freedom as well as more space to cover behind them. So the next time you see someone clicking a picture of themselves along with a beautiful backgroud, instead of just clicking the foreground to save for memories, treat it normal, well not for long.


Selfies took another step forward or rather backward when Belfie was introduced. Yes this is not a typo, Belfie is selfie stick to take pictures of your butt. well getting along the back is a tricky game and some people just want the perfect selfie, for that Belfie can go all the way back and take a perfect picture for you!

The Belfie is compatible with Windows Phone, Android an iPhones using Bluetooth technology and uses remote shutter button , the button is on the stick and fires the camera button via bluetooth. Pretty cool for butt selfies but I think some people have a pretty good useful  stick for other ideas.

Here is what Kevin Deegan CTO BelfieStick,  had to say :

“We’ve noticed a huge spike in users taking butt selfies in recent months so the natural next step was for us to develop a device to assist our users in taking one,”



So it isn’t cheap, $79.99 for the BelfieStick and its out of stock , presuming this, a lot of butt selfies going to appear online soon. You can get your BelfieStick on their website whenever available.