“Blu Products” leak shiny Windows Phone


Last night a Florida based mobile making company gave a “sneak-peek” on a new shiny Windows Phone, which doesn’t look like any of the previous phones we have seen. The Miami based company looks at emerging mobile markets and targets mobile devices that look to be doing good as a users perspective. Windows Phone 8 had some harsh months at the start, but after the Developer Preview rollout a lot of OEMs have considered manufacturing Windows Phone in the low budget category.



The Windows Phone device they leaked is small and shiny and probably looks like a low end phone running the much capable Microsoft OS. Blu Products uploaded a clear picture of the Windows Phone on their facebook page and you can notice the difference with the unique curve design with the extra shine.

The Phone they leaked seems to look like one of the Android phone that Blu products released a while ago called the Dash 6.0 which has a 5-inch display ad a resolution of 480×854. The device also bears a 1.3GHz processor and 512MB RAM. The best part is the phone also has dual SIM support, which obviously makes it low end.

Another manufacturer added to the already 9 existing ? Lets just wait and watch.