Enable LED Notification on Lumia 730,735,830,930,950/950XL (Hack)


I have embedded the whole post because its really well written and easy to do.

If you cant find import option in your interop tool, you are using an older version :
use this instead : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=69700647&postcount=425

1st thing 1st ..if u have a hwnled Driver option on ur device root.then this post will work for u.U can check that from Device portal.

Now This trick is for 730,735,830,930,950/950XL
930 has a LED but not working .i dont know why..
N.B. – 830 doesn’t have a LED.the windows button will blink as a notification LED. – Confirmed by @titi66200 .

1st download the cab.the cab is for latest public build 14393.448 .make sure ur phone has the same build.

Cab Linkmicrosoft.ms_weh_ledalert.mainos.cbs_acc5031ff5e7c 67f0e98a450651c7bd23cff3965.cab

Then Download I386.zip . from HERE


-Go to iutool path(extracted i386.zip folder) in cmd with admin rights.
Connect Ur phone with USB..
-Type “iutool -l” to see if the device is connected and recognized.

1. put the cab to a new folder like c:\cabs

2. then type: iutool -V -p c:\cabs

3. it should push the cab to the device and start the update.

4. there might be a error 0x8024a110 but it should work.

5. the device will automatically reboot very soon and go to flash mode (gears) to apply the cab.

6. then there will be the usual “data migration”.
Voila..check out ur led is already blinking if u had a notification..if not please add those values via interop tools by device model
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Nocont rol\LedAlert]
“HardwareId”=”ACPI\QCOM0D50” –for 730,830 and 930 (type=string)
“HardwareId”=”ACPI\QCOM24A3” –for 950 (type=string)

others are same for all device
then restart ur device..it will work.
if u cant add those values then download the zip file from below and extract it.. ..u will get a reg file..keep that in ur phone/sd card ..then goto interoptool>import registry file then choose the reg file and ok.. thats it..
LED alert.zip for 730,830and 930
LED alert 950.zip for 950


      • Thank you. I may give this another try. I’m concerned about pushing a *.cab file when I don’t know what’s in it. On my first try, the phone went into a rebooting loop which I had to fix with a hard reset.