How to enable Notification Center in Windows 10


Last month we have shown you some grandiose videos of Notification center you can check out all video here. If you have saw all the videos of windows 10 notification center, Unlike Windows Phone Windows 10 notification center will not consume your whole desktop; it will run in limited window and cannot be re sized, just above clock to the right hand bottom corner.  We also got a button to clear all notifications or manually remove them one by one. You can also read all notification by scrolling down or up.

If you have installed windows 10 technical preview you will not able to enable notification on Windows 10, however you can now test the notification Center before it release in Windows 10 technical preview by simply downloading this .exe and run it on Windows 10 technical preview.

However this at your own risk, Microsoft will enable notification Center in windows 10 technical preview in forthcoming weeks.