GoQii Fitness Band Review along with a Human Coach


Fitness is always part of our lives and most of the times we neglect it, eat fast food , unhealthy roadside snacks and never keep a track of our health. Well not anymore, apart from all the fitness bands out in the market, I was lucky to have the GoQii sent to me for a quick look-up and review and boy I was keen!

What came out of that box was a nice thin elegant looking strap with that tiny vertical display and the red and black made it look so premium. The watch is light and easy to wear and comes in 2 different sizes for people with different wrist size. The band is sweat proof and comes with a nice proprietary charger.

The band isnt everything you need though, you will need the GoQii app on you smartphone to sync all the data and send it to your coach which will be helpful because then a human can analyze the diet and data from your GoQii and give you feedback for a good fitness regime. Sounds good to me. The data that logs into the band ans synced up is good unless you don’t keep an eye on it. Food and drinking inputs have to be added manually into the apps data which will give you a more accurate reading and workout regime, specially the feature of sending a picture of the food you eat to your coach can help a lot more.

The band consists of the core which is detachable form the band and has a 360 degree sensor along with activity trackers.

So I started my day with the GoQii and had some things learnt before I went off for a jog. The display is really easy to use and understand. There is a “+” at the top and an OLED display . Tap the plus sign and it shows you different things it logs.

One tap will display the current date, time and the battery while on the extreme left a bar will appear once you start your workout. This will give you motivation for the Karma. Believe me it kept me going on and on. Since this was something new as a device to carry with me on my wrist I kept peeking into the display to have a look at how much I walked and other stuff. A long press on the “+” tells the band you’r off for a nap, another long press means you’r awake. The display can be rotated vertical or horizontally using the app on your smartphone.



So one tap brings up the date and time by default and then if you go on tapping you’ll see more info in the order as :

1 . Number of Steps
2. Time spent walking/running
3. Distance covered
4. Calories burnt
5. Karma

These things will be logged daily and will sync automatically with the app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.
You can send the data to your GoQii Coach and then expect some tips to help you improve.

It is recommended to wear it on your non dominant wrist to get better results, i.e if you use your right hand more often , it better to wear if on the left, since a lot of the movements on the right hand will be tracked and logged and could give faulty results.

The battery life on the band is quiet interesting, with a lot of sync and communication its about 1-2 days for me and people actually did they they manage a good 3-4 which is pretty impressive on a full charge. The good part, charging it hardly takes any time, I noticed about 1-2 hrs for a full charge is pretty good.
The band has to be purchased with a a coach subscription , the least being Rs 3,999 for 3 months and it goes as Rs 6,999 for 6 months while Rs 12,999 for 12 months after which you can continue to use the band without further coaching advice. Also , the device is only for Indian users since its a start up and looking to push its uniqueness into the country first with the assistant of a human coach.

You can get the GoQii band here and let us know if you already have one and your experience with the band in the comments below.