Gun Frenzy : Updated Unlocks all Levels for Free & Improves Graphics


Gun Frenzy is an awesome new action game that features high quality special effects and neat 3D graphics and some great sound effects. This game is exclusive on Windows Phone and supports 512 MB RAM devices while you fight with monsters, demons even on low end devices.

This game runs smoothly on all windows phone including phone like Lumia 520. The texture of this game has been optimized,run-time memory, game code and download size has been reduced to 200 MB from 500 MB.

Here are some features of Gun Frenzy:

  1. Completely revamped graphics for low memory devices.
  2. Lighting effects.
  3. Fully optimized graphics for better performance.
  4. Six new started guns for players
  5. Improved particle effects for the new, futuristic weapons such as plasma cannon, laser rifle and vaporizer pistol.

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Last but not least, most of the in-app purchase has been removed; you have just pay to remove ads. All in-app purchase has been added to free content.

Download Gun Frenzy for Free