How to make your Windows 10 Mobile UI into a Tablet UI


Easy said and done, since the new display settings lets your screen scale all the way down to almost a phablet size on any Windows 10 Mobile device but that’s not all we can currently do.

If you own a 1520 which is a phablet you might notice a lot more changes to not only the DPI but also changes in apps, settings a Edge browser.

What about the rest of the Windows 10 community? Well, if you have done the interop unlock you can just change the device model to Lumia 1520 and take away all of these goodies :


So this is my Lumia 735 with the text settings scaled down plus the Lumia 1520 device ID to make it look like a tablet. Pretty cool stuff although the text is really small and at some places its really hard o get the taps right.
So make sure you know your way around and back to your normal screen size before you opt to play with these settings, also no one from is responsible to any damage done to your device while trying this.

Have fun!