Install Windows 10 for any Windows Phone in 3 simple steps


Windows 10 for phones is out but just for a handful of handsets including the Lumia 630,635,638, Lumia 730 and Lumia 830. So far, the update seems to look good , specially the startscreen and menu except the sub menus of the settings. It looks like a copy paste from the desktop version and just resized to allow the upcoming features.

So now its about other devices still waiting for Windows 10 for phones, who are feeling left out or in doubt that these updates to ever hit their device. If you really want to take a risk and see if its really possible then go ahead with this. I would suggest to do this only if you want to view how Windows 10 would run on your device and not continue to use it. Also after you are done with this , please use Nokia Software Recovery tool to revert back to a stable Windows Phone 8 build and continue to wait for an office mention of Windows 10 for your phone.

Note : This MAY Brick Your Phone, or if you continue using and apply any further updates, you may not be able to boot your phone anymore. You have been warned.

Simple steps set up by an XDA user to give access to Windows 10 for Phone for any Windows Phone 8.1 device except Huawei and Dual-SIM phones.

This tutorial does not need the use of a PC but I will write another tutorial which came out earlier which is a bit more complex but still works.

Steps : 
1.Open in IE on your phone (My server is in China, maybe slow)
2.Tap ‘Open’, then ‘Install’
3.Open Wifi Settings
4.Tap Wifi network you connected
5.Turn on Proxy
7.Port: 7777, and save
8.Open Windows Insider
9.Tap ‘Get preview builds’
10.Two or three options will show up (1st time you use this method, you’ll get only 2 options. Otherwise, you will see ‘Restore’ additional)
11.Long-press Back key, back to Wifi settings, turn off proxy, then back to Windows Insider
12.Tap ‘Insider Fast’, then tap ‘Accept’ (Ignore any Chinese text you see)
You will get update

Check the other notes here before you do it.

Make sure you have atleast 1 GB free before you go for this update, I suggest a reset before you try this.
If anything happens with the update, DO NOT RESET, recover it using Nokia Software Recovery tool