Is Lumia 532 Worth Buying? In Depth Review


After Microsoft acquired the Mobile Manufacturing business of Nokia it is now steadily gaining some more market share. And to do so Microsoft is trying to capture the low budget smartphone market at first.

This February Microsoft added the Lumia 435 and 532 to this very budget friendly list. After using it for a few months now we will help you to know if the ‘Microsoft’ logoed device is really worth buying. The Lumia 532 sports a many new features, coming in as a replacement of the popular Lumia 530. Will it be good idea to upgrade? Let’s find out.

Table 1

The Microsoft Lumia 532 has the exactly same hardware which the more expensive Lumia 535 and recently launched Lumia 540 has. This Windows Phone at this very affordable price point of Rupees 6500* INR gives the most of it and makes you not to compromise. While the rear camera is not very good but it is also not that bad if we think about the price we are getting it. This phone has Glance Screen, removable battery, Micro SD card slot and also the Lumia Denim firmware loaded with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. The Lumia 435 may be is more affordable but a normal user will like the Lumia 532 more because of the camera difference. And the Lumia 532 fills the need of an average user, Good performance at a great price point.

The Specifications



So, the phone was launched back in February and we are doing the full review after using it for 2 months now in April. So in case if you have forgot about the specifications, check below. (If you remember you can skip this part, I don’t have a problem :P)

Table 2

The Hardware and Design


One thing is same in the Lumia 532 with other devices is that this low-range device has also got the same hardware that it’s bigger siblings the Lumia 535 and recently launched Lumia 540 has got. The design and display is something what creates difference in this devices but the main CPU and RAM is equal in all the three, so even more chipper Lumia 532 is as powerful as the other two’s are. We tested a few games, normal games like Subway Surfers runs really smooth but games like Asphalt 8: Airborne lags a bit.

This could be a very strong point for the Lumia 532 being a low-end device. Now coming to the display part. The display is not that great, you guys may be are thinking it to be. The color production is good and in the normal condition the screen looks really sharp. But if you check it through different sides you will find the color apparently changes. For example my start theme is orange, if you check it through different viewing angles the color will look a lot like yellow or lime. One more problem arrives when you are out at sun, it is really hard to see texts but if you fix the brightness, it becomes better. I guess the 2nd one doesn’t creates a big problem as it can be fixed but the 1st one while playing games can create a bit of problem. But in the moral I will say, you should not forget about the price in which you are getting this phone. So, my opinion is the display is good for a 5.7K device.

Now, the design part is something we guys all know from where it comes. Yeah, right guess, this is device has got the design that Nokia Asha series and Nokia X series had. The device is a bit bulky but really, believe me the device looks really good (Better if you choose bright colors like I got bright Orange). The back cover has mat finish which helps to get the grip even when it is a bit bulky. Overall the appearance looks really good at this price point.

The Software – Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim


Ok, so the software part has nothing new. Lumia 532 is loaded up with the Windows Phone 8.1 with the Lumia Denim firmware update. It is great to see that how smoothly Lumia Denim runs on the Lumia 532. Multitasking is also really smooth, thanks to the combination of Snapdragon 200 and Lumia denim. You will also get a few important apps pre-installed like, BBM, Here Maps Suit, Foodpanda, The Lumia Apps Suit, MixRadio, Skype, Star Sports app, Truecaller and the MSN Weather App. But other than this c’mon things, in the software part something interesting is that the Lumia 532 is Windows 10 ready and will get the update when it will be officially released. Till then folks you need to wait.

Offers You Can Avail with the Purchase of Lumia 532


  • All Lumia 532 and Lumia 435 owners on Airtel subscriptions will get to enjoy 500 MB data internet pack per month, free of cost for 2 months.
  • Travelers can use the Windows Phone RedBus app on their Lumia 532 and get Rs. 1500/- worth of discounts on bus tickets over 6 single trips through the app (Rs. 250 off on every trip for 6 journeys – Valid for 6 months from the date of app activation)
  • Paytm, India’s largest mobile payments service will offer Rs. 750/- cashback of recharges through the Paytm app (Rs. 150 off every month for 5 months)
  • Consumers can now make your phonebook smarter with Truecaller, get 6 months of Truecaller Premium subscription worth Rs. 360/- free

Connectivity – Dual Sim 3G


The Microsoft Lumia 532 comes in the Dual Sim variant. Many Other Lumia’s come with two variants one Single Sim and the other one Dual Sim but this phone is something exception and comes with the Dual Sim variant only. Now, that’s your choice how many sim you put in (Surely, not more than two :P). Aside from choice, we never faced any issues with connectivity, Connectivity Is good like all other Lumia’s.

The Cameras – Rear and Front Facing


Now, this is the part about which I care most when buying a smartphone. Let’s start with the Rear Camera. For the Lumia 532, the rear camera is a 5MP fixed focus one and with my point of view, surprisingly the rear camera is not that good I thought it to be. If you are taking a picture in good lighten condition then it takes sharp and good images but if the light condition is not that good then some problem occurs as the picture starts fading. Moreover, as there’s no flash we can’t even fix this problem. I have also noticed sometimes while clicking photos the outputs come shaky even if your hand shakes a very little bit and I really meant very little bit. But if you are good at photography and understand how to figure out light conditions you can also get good images too, as I got the one below.  If you ask me how the overall camera performance was then I would say as a low budget range device the camera average but it could have been better.

Now, time to check the front camera. Unlike the Lumia 520, 525 and 530, those which came before it, the Lumia 532 packs a front camera. It is nothing really special a VGA (O.3MP) one. Though you will be able to take some selfies and will be able to do video call with your friends and family. The issue with the front camera is, that it picture quality is pretty bad and you will rather like to take selfies with Rear camera (Yeah, I’m talking about the Lumia Selfie App). Sorry selfie lovers! If you want to take some good selfies move to its bigger siblings the Lumia 535 and the Lumia 540. But if you want to use it for a video call it’s not that bad and it’s better to have something over having nothing.

Battery Life


The battery life is pretty interesting in the Lumia 532. Yeah I am really excited to see even a 1560 mAh battery can go all day even with really heavy usage. Let me explain, as I am social butterfly (the male one :P) my phone is always connected with Wi-Fi and you will also find me always online in Messenger, Hike, WhatsApp and on many more if I’m in home, So that means I run this apps most of the times. Other than this things, I love to play games. Waiting for a bus, in bus stop and in the same time I’m also racing with a Bugatti in Asphalt 8: Airborne. So, now I hope you can understand how much charge of the battery is used by me. Even with this kind of decent usage and with the help of ‘battery saver’ App when I come home back there’s still a bit of charge remaining. With my kind of usage battery will go on 20-22 hours with a single charge and for normal users charging the battery fully once is enough to go more than all day with the Lumia 532.

Pricing and Availability


The Lumia 532 is available on Microsoft Store Online for Rupees 6499 ($104) but in other online retail stores like Amazon and Flipkart at this time the device is available for Rupees 5669 ($91).



As we almost at the end of the article the question once again appears if the Lumia 532 is worth buying. Let’s move it aside. There are some things we are not really happy with it like the camera and the display but also remember about the price range. Definitely it could have been better but at this price range the Lumia 532 does a good job.

To reach a price point like this, we compromised a little few things. Yes, we did but it is always the nature of business. But we are also getting a good design, well built, powerful hardware and solid software. It also makes me more excited as it is Windows 10 ready. So, my honest opinion is, the Lumia 532 is one of the best devices you can get at this 5.7K range. Yeah, it is worth the money and really worth buying.