Keep a tab on your family with Life 360 for Windows Phone


Life360 is now on the Windows Phone platform after its popularity among the other giant OS in the market, Android and iOS, the application is now available for Windows Phone users to have some fun with their families too. The application was available weeks ago but no one noticed it around nor was there any noise from their side. The application appears to have featured in the Windows Phone store today at the very top and has a welcoming UI to get families closer.

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Life360 helps keep the family connected by giving you information of the happening in your family at all times which is way more than calls and text messages.

Life360 on Windows Phone features :

  • Find family & friend locations on a private Map
  • Know when your family is safe or needs help
  • Chat one-on-one or with everyone within each of your Circles
  • Get alerted when a Circle member reaches a destination
  • Track a stolen or lost phone


The application is good for a mom to keep a tag on her kids to ensure they reached their destination or have not bunked their tuition classes or sports practise. The application gives you proper information so you don’t need to worry to make a quick phone call to any of your family members. Grab the application below!

Download Life 360 for Windows Phone

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