Lara Croft: Relic Run leaps onto Windows Phone


Who hasn’t been a fan of Tom Raider? Lara croft is the best action player in the world. Enough of movies and other games now we have the best graphic game for it and awesome challenges to face.

The game is the all new action game with lots of adventures for the fans of Lara croft. The conspiracy of shadow threatens the earth and she has to save the earth only she can do it.


We have to collect the clues to uncover the ancient relics. Swing, Run, drive, and swim dive your way through beautiful environment. Run your way to the very old ancient locations filled with danger and secrets.

Fill Lara’s weapons and engage in the fights with creepy creatures.

Change your weapons quickly and even upgrade them for severe attacks.

Every game has a Boss or an finale this game has an finale many times fight to win the battles and lead the leader board.

Play the game with your friends and show them who the best in it is by leading the leader board.


Enjoy the game the Play, Run, Dive, make you way to the ancient places. Tell us about it below.