Microsoft Announces the Mojio Windows Phone Developer App Contest


Microsoft is probably looking for developers to step on the gas more than ever and has teamed up with Mojio so thatwindows-nokiaeos-phone-contest developers can get the Mojio powered Connected Car apps to Windows Phone.

There will be a contest which will be judged by Microsoft and Mojio as co judge will select finalists who will receive prizes as $10000 Visa gift card, yes you read right and the app will be highlighted by Mojio.

Contest entries can be submitted January 12 – February 12, 2015, for the following five categories:  

  • Green app: Focuses on reducing drivers’ carbon footprints.
  • Fleet app: Focuses on managing a fleet of more than one vehicle more effectively.
  • Business app: Focuses on helping a business manage its resources (i.e., people, time, money) more effectively.
  • Gamification app: Focuses on gamifying driving in a safe manner.
  • Wildcard app: An app which has a primary function that does not fit in any of the above categories.


The top 10 apps will be judged by the judging teams and a winner will be selected from each category.

Other official contest related information can be read here.