Microsoft will Release Spartan Browser for all Windows 10 Versions with Flash Support


As we already know that Microsoft is working on new browser codenamed Spartan, we also shared the screenshot of new Spartan browser on our Facebook page you can check this here, also like our page for regularl updates ๐Ÿ˜€

After digging on this topic we have found some more information, as we know that Spartan will be a Windows Store application rather than a attached Software and it will replace the current version of internet Explorer.

We received a lots of questions regarding Spartan Browser, but a very common question was that, will Spartan browser support Flash. Yes, Spartan browser support Flash. Microsoft is planning to make Spartan browser is such a way that, it will work on every platform that works on Windows, including Phone, tablet and desktop.

The report also claims that Spartan will include support Adobe Flash, but it will be limited to certain versions, as Flash support will be determined by the device you use.

Spartan browser will receive regularly updates and will be the universal app for Desktop, tablet and Smartphone. Spartan browser will look like chrome and Firefox for desktop version.

Sources Claiming Spartan will be shown in โ€œThe Next Chapterโ€ Event of Microsoft in Jan 21.