MisFit Tracker App heads onto the Windows Phone store


Another official app hits the Windows Phone Stores and this time its Misfit to keep a track of your fitness and sleep.

The Shine tracks daily activity and sleep and helps you improve your daily goals and routines with activities to boost your efforts. The tracker can sync wirelessly with your Windows Phone device and and keeps all your data stored in the app so that the stats ca be viewed anytime.



The app needs the hardware requirement called “Shine” which is wearable anywhere on your body and keeps a track of your daily fitness and sleep.

The battery is enormously lasting battery life keeps you worry-less about charging it and an amazing wireless sync feature.

Check out the features here!

The Misfit app, along with the Shine fitness and sleep tracker, inspires you to live an active life. Wear Shine anywhere on your body and it automatically tracks your activity and sleep. Discover your daily activity and set goals to improve your life. Shine’s long-lasting battery means you never have to recharge. With wireless syncing, you’ll spend less time plugging in and more time moving. The Misfit app offers these features:

Goal Setting – track your running, cycling, swimming and more
Activity Meter – Check your activity progress and see your steps, calories and distance traveled.
Intensity Graph – See your activity level grow over time.
Sleep Tracking – Sleep quality, duration and sleep goals.
Weight Tracking – Keep track of your long-term progress and fitness goals.
Shine with Friends – Personalize your profile, add friends and compare your daily activity

** Requires Windows Phone 8.1 and the Cyan firmware for Lumia devices **

Download Misfit for Windows Phone from the store now