Movie Maker 8.1 for Windows Phone 8.1 free till 17 June


Movie Maker 8.1 is a 3rd party video editing suite for devices running Windows Phone 8.1. On any other day it would cost you $1.19 with a trial available for download. Movie Maker 8.1 reaps the new API features that are available in Windows Phone 8.1 which allow the user to directly edit the videos on their phone. To celebrate Italy’s win over England in the world cup, the developer has made the app free for 3 days starting from 15 June till 17 June. 722b7b83-2681-4cfc-8a37-633a8186c010 Movie Maker 8.1 features:

  • Supports Full HD
  • No clip duration limit
  • Open/save videos from SD card and Onedrive
  • Custom video titles
  • Add effects to the video
  • Add transitions
  • Make use of various tool like: crop, cut, copy, paste, trim, delete, merge
  • ┬áNo limit on Undo(s) and Redo(s)
  • Compress MP3 and MP4 files
  • Compile Mp3 with MP3 audio studio
  • Save your projects
  • Share with friends on Facebook, Email, Messaging, Office
  • Carry on with your projects on your pc with Movie Maker for Windows 8.1

The app is worth checking out and you can get it for free for now. Do not miss out on this great opportunity and get the app while you can

Download Movie Maker 8.1 here for FREE before 17th June!