My Experience with Windows 10 for Phones


As soon as I got the news that Windows 10 for phones Technical Preview will be released on Friday. I formatted my phone to free up space and also stopped using my WiFi to save data. The time of the release according to Gabe Aul was IST 10:30 pm. As soon as 10:30 hit the clock, people(including me) fired up their Windows Insider app to get the preview but instead of Preview they started getting error messages. It was a Server issue which was expected to get solved after sometime.

However, I waited till 2:00 am in the morning but unfortunately I was still getting that error message so I just gave up and decided to sleep. The next morning I got up early and started downloading the preview. While downloading I was praying that I get WP 10 and not GDR2 as many people ended up getting GDR2 in the process of  updating to WP 10. Luckily, I got WP 10 TP and not GDR2. At the beginning I was too happy as finally I was going to get my hands-on on the most awaited Operating System.

Let’s see how my experience was with Windows 10 :

After using the preview for almost 4 days I decided to share my experience with all of you so that it helps you people decide whether to install the preview or wait for the next build if you haven’t updated yet.


  • Start Screen : Start screen is now Translucent which means you can set your wallpaper and it is not interrupted by tiles.
  • Spartan : Finally Project Spartan is here! With this new build you get Microsoft’s latest browser which is code named as Project Spartan.
  • Actionable Notifications : This is my favorite feature so far. I don’t have to switch apps to reply to my messages as I can reply from the same screen. For now its only for text messages but I hope soon apps like WhatsApp, Messenger will join the party.
  • Multitasking : Finally Microsoft removed the limit of having only 7 apps running at a time in background. Now you can have as many apps you want in the background as clicking the back button won’t terminate the app.
  • Action Center : More toggles in action center and tapping+holding a toggle will open the setting of that toggle. For example tap+hold Bluetooth toggle will open up Bluetooth settings.
  • New Calculator, Outlook Mail and Calendar Apps.
  • All New Settings App which is same as Windows 10 for PC and also well organised.
  • Reset Protection, Brightness Slider(Even for Lumia 520) and many more.


Now lets see some issues which might stop you from downloading the preview.

  • The most annoying bug of this build is not able to turn off data settings.
  • Not able to set Lock Screen image though soft/hard reset will solve this problem.
  • Opening Lock Screen settings changes the background color to White even when your accent color is Black.
  • Sometimes you won’t be able to send and receive text messages.
  • You will have to press the capacitive buttons hard to make it work.
  • Many readers said that Cortana isn’t listening or responding.
  • No OFFICE ! Yes no Office in this build and that means you cant open your presentations,spreadsheets etc.
  • Flight mode cannot be enabled.

Now it depends on you whether to install the preview or wait for the final build. However, my opinion would be to install the preview and get the taste of what’s coming in for Windows Phone in the future and don’t worry you can always go back to WP 8.1 if you don’t like the preview.

Check out some screenshots of the preview.