Nokia’s McLaren had real 3D touch, not the iPhone 6


This video is proof of what the world would have witnessed as the real 3D touch. Though many would say its fake (confirmed real) this video has actually the right dynamics of the flyout tiles and 3D touch that Nokia McLaren was promising.

This video was leaked by Nokibar in China that gives us an actually look at how mixview exploding tiles actually worked.

It seems, hovering a finger over a tile makes it active by scrolling through its contents, etc. while another gesture makes the tile explode giving the user some more access to the data inside the particular apps tile.

This could be improved over time but the good part was , it was very smooth and promising.


Well if not hardware, like the current situation of the iPhone 6 which is actually pressure touch ( mostly I’ll put it like tap and hold for a lesser time ) , the Windows 10 Mobile could actually get this feature of exploding live tiles via multi touch or again, tap and hold.