Omega – The Globemaster is the worlds first master chronometer watch


Omega has always made it clear in their industry, watches that are better than the rest and how true. With its latest addition into the market, the Globemaster is termed to be be the most accurate watch ever with is ability to sustain magnetic force to upto 15,000 Gauss.

The Globemaster has been noted to set precision standards with METAS and to prove this the watch has been tested in different real life conditions to record its accuracy. These tests included wearing the watch in 6 different positions which was help for 30 seconds each time while the audio of average precision was recorded.

It was also tested in different climate conditions which ranging from temperatures from 22 degree to 33 degree Celsius with and without the wearer.

Brand ambassador, Eddie Redmayne, an Oscar winner revealed the watch which has set new benchmarks.