Overkill 3, one of the best game on Windows Phone

Overkill 3 is one of the Top 10 Free Games in the Windows Phone Store...



Overkill 3, a popular Android and iOS third-person shooter game, made its way to Windows Phone in late April 2015. Overkill 3 is a game which gives you console level gaming experience. Overkill 3 is Xbox Enabled Game which is developed by Game Troopers and Craneballs.


Game Description –

“Welcome to the future. It’s grim and dark. The ever oppressing Faction wants everyone to follow and obey. They will stop at nothing. People are scared. Demoralized. The few who fight back are painfully outnumbered. They need hope. Someone to show them the way. Will you stand up for humanity and fight for its future? Step into the action of the audio-visual spectacle that is Overkill 3. Lead the Resistance into victory over the evil Faction forces and their brutal killing machines.”

Overkill 3 provides you a thrilling experience of gaming with its cinematic moments. Overkill gives a chance to arm yourself with fully customizable guns. It supports High end 3D Graphics, so it is only available for 1 GB RAM Windows Phone Devices.

Also, just few days ago a large update came for Overkill 3 which includes new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Here’s the change log for the big update:

  • Gamepad usage enhanced
  • Analog sticks are enabled for aiming
  • Tutorial experience improved
  • Weapons accuracy totally redone from scratch
  • Popup windows rearranged to maximize gameplay
  • Aiming feature updated and reviewed
  • Endless mode accessible from all situations
  • Extended notifications in Windows
  • All achievements ready to be obtained
  • Performance improved thanks to new texture optimizations
  • Fixed and enhanced localization in several languages
  • Re-arrangement of certain labels in the game for better readability
  • Cross-save feature fixed
  • Stability improvements
  • Major bug fixing

Game Troopers said that Overkill 3 has been played more than 150 million times on Windows.

Overkill 3 is one of best game available for Windows Phone and the good part is that one can downlond this particular game for free.

You can download this game from here,

[appbox windowsstore 9nblgggxxgtl]