Perfect Shift, a drag racing game for Windows Phone 8.1


Perfect Shift is a new drag racing title for Windows Phone 8.1 from the developer Lextre. The game became a big hit in the Windows Phone community since it was made available on the store. The game has since collected enormous numbers of positive reviews and topped the store charts in almost all the markets. Here is our review for Perfect Shift.



The first impression about the game is that it looks stunning, performs great and has a really nice UI. Hit that play button above and you’ll be taken to a tutorial race if you’ve started the game for first time. The tutorial is quick simple to complete and will make you familiar with the game controls. Once done with the tutorial race you’ll have to type in your username or ign and proceed ahead.

Main Menu


The main menu is simple and elegant. The upper section displays your current vehicle and it’s performance specs and your in game cash. On the left side bottom corner you’ll have to Race tab which will take you to the race selection menu. Along with that you’ll find the Customize, Upgrade, Shop, Achievements and Settings button on the right side.



Heading into the Race menu you will come across all the various races which are unlocked and available for you to complete. It also shows the various aspects of the selected race along with a progress bar to show you how much of the story mode have you completed.



The customize menu allows you to change the visual aspects of your current car. You can customize the Color, Vinyl and Rims of your car. There are various options for you to choose from but they are unlocked one by one as you progress ahead in the game. Complete races to unlock more and more content for you to customize your car with.


The upgrade menu as the name suggests allows you to tweak your cars performance. You have various upgrades that you can carry out this include Engine, Turbo, Gear Box, Tires, Nitro, Weight, Aerodynamics. Initially all these upgrades would be locked, you’ll have to progress ahead in the story mode to unlock this performance parts.



The shop is where you can purchase the 25 mean machines available for you. Right from the beginning many cars are available for you to buy and many more unlock as you progress ahead in the game. You’ll have to complete races to earn in-game cash to buy these cars.



This is where you can keep track of the achievements you’ve earned during the gameplay and the rewards you received after various races. This also includes a section for you to check your game stats and progress.




The settings menu allows you to toggle the Sound and Music in the game as well as change your measurement units. It also has a tab where you can change your nickname or ign that you set at the starting of the game. Need to give some feedback to the developer? use the feedback button to reach them.

HUD and Controls

The HUD is minimal in this game, you only have the dashboard gauge and your gearshift pedals on the screen along with a small progress bar that keep track of you and your opponent in the race. The controls are really easy to use and it won’t take you long to get used to them. Start a race and you’ll notice a countdown timer with a single acceleration pedal, hit it at the right time and you’ll get a small boost.



Once the car is in motion the gear shift pedals appear on the hud. Everything is about timing in this game. The mini dashboard gauge displays the exact time for you to shift the gear. It is displayed by a small gear shift icon next to the gear number display. It is color coded, shifting when it is yellow is early shift, when it is green is perfect shift and when it is red it is late shift. The more perfect shifts you perform the more are the chances of you beating your opponent easily.



Overall Impressions

Perfect Shift is a great game with stunning graphics and outstanding performance. The UI is minimal yet easy to use the controls are really quick to understand and anyone who went through the tutorial will have no problems getting hold of the controls. It is totally worth checking out and we would like to see more and more new stuff coming to this title in upcoming updates. The app is a free to download game but contains in-app purchases that could help you boost your gameplay

Download Perfect Shift from: Windows Phone Store