Quick tutorial to master Instagram using 6tag


6tag 4.0.4

Instagram has been one of my personal favorite app on Windows Phone Store. It was really exciting to see the official app, Instagram Beta arrive on Windows Phone Store, but then it was just left out with no updates. This is when Rudy Huyn’s 6tag jumps in, one of the best 3rd party Instagram client on the Windows Phone Store. It gets updated frequently and according to the developer, 6tag version 5.0 is in works for Windows Mobile.Today i will run you through a quick tutorial to get the best out of 6tag.

Getting the pictures: Pictures can either be taken using your Lumia or any other camera you like. Try to play around with the settings while taking a picture and take at least 2-3 shots of a single subject/location. Once your picture is ready, choose the best one out of it to upload on Instagram. Lumia Camera puts handful of settings at your disposal to play around with. Not familiar what those do? you can take a quick look at the settings tutorial Lumia Camera has to offer in the application menu.

Photoshop Flower

Link to High Resolution Edited Image

Using Photoshop or any other editing tool: A little bit of editing can make your image eye catching and perfect. Adjusting brightness and carrying our other small adjustments using editing tools can really make help you a lot to work with the filters on 6tag. While doing this you can crop your image to a 1:1 ratio for it to suit Instagram. While cropping a image to 1:1 ratio place your subject carefully, while doing this the background should be also taken into consideration. A square photo is more appealing to the Instagram community hence try to upload more of your pictures in 1:1 ratio.


Applying Filters: Filters can make your image pop out and choosing the right one is the trick behind it. Now you can use the filters 6tag has to offer or you can use applications like Lumia Creative Studio, SophieLens HD, Masks to apply filters to your image. Never make overuse of filters, keep the image as simple as you can. Using excessive filters can make the image look grainy and destroy many visual aspects of it. Adjusting the strength of the filter can also help you to get a sharp image.

Have any tip for us to add in this tutorial? Tell us in the comments below. This little tutorial can be helpful to those who are new to Instagram.