Raffle draw, 15 Winners, buyFood – Shopping Assistent (Paid)

BuyFood is a compact app for your shopping list, storage (durability, ..) and recipe collection. All functions of the app are intertwined, purchased products appear immediately in your stock, optionally also with shelf life. Apply recipes to quickly add ingredients to the shopping list. BuyFood is your companion for grocery shopping. By setting durability data, you are always informed when products approach the expiration date Through the Live Tile of the app, you are always informed whether products are running in the near future.
You can share your shopping list and stock list with other family members and devices through family id andĀ share your data between Android and Windows Mobile.

The developer is giving out 15 coupons for the paid app. If you want it, stay tuned.

The app costsĀ $1.49 but the developer is giving away 15 keys to avail the app for free!

Stay tuned for more details!