Share High Quality Pictures with loved ones using Picturex


Picturex is not just any photo sharing app, when you got pictures to share a some of them are for private use only, sharing them publicly is not an option and also losing on high quality will never be an option with Picturex.

Here, the app takes you through a nice walk through when you first install it and then lets you add a profile picture as well as a name, then you can create photo albums and share pictures.

The good part is, no one can view the pictures or download them if they are not invited or part of the album, here you can create a new album or join a friends album upon invite.

You can join a album by automatically scanning a QR code or manually entering a PIN or link to gain access to the album.

The app is well made very simple, clean and snappy to use, easy to navigate.

The best part, the app is completely free for use but if you really want to unlock some cool pictures you could go through the in-app purchase and gain access to some cooler pictures.

[appbox windowsstore 9wzdncrdlvn0]