How To Combat WhatsApp Blue Ticks


WhatsApp recently updated their application for windows phone with some cool new features.
Change log posted by WhatsApp included,

-WhatsApp now opens faster. (Basically they removed the splash screen)
– Share location: drop and drag pin lets you share a precise location.
– You can now add captions to photos and videos.
– Crop and Rotate photos.
-Added ability to archive chats and groups.
-Each chat or group can have its own background.
– Better support for phones with high resolution screen.

But what was not mentioned was that now read messages show blue ticks!
i.e. Massage sent= single grey tick,
Message delivered= double grey ticks, and,
Message read= double blue ticks.


This thing for some people may be very annoying since it may mess with their privacy. And also it will make replying certain messages compulsory thus disturbing their social environment.

But not to worry as there is a simple technique to counter this feature.
WhatsApp uses your internet connectivity via Wi-Fi or Cellular Data to contact their servers and make the feature possible.

wp_ss_20141111_0003 wp_ss_20141111_0002

So while reading the message you can simply turn your net connectivity off.
When you’re done reading close WhatsApp, turn back your net connectivity and you’re done.
The ticks will remain grey then!

This was a pretty neat trick and may be useful to ya’ll.


  1. This is not a wonderful new invention, many chat apps have worked like this for ages, including Whatsapp. So they’ve now added colour-coding, whoop-di-doo. Why is it causing such a fuss all of a sudden? Why is it messing with privacy? Even e-mail systems allow you to see if somebody has read your message and have done for years. Come on, grow up people!

    • Some people still look for this on WhatsApp, why not give them a small trick?
      Most of us here do need WhatsApp and I have seen people actually trying to hide.
      So why not?