Summer Music is a faster way to all of your songs


Ever since Xbox music has made it to the store it has been the slowest Music app which takes ages to go through the app.
We all then waited for an update, which made it better but not as better as we expected, developers took this ask into their hands and started making amazing Music apps and then there was the Beta for VLC Player. VLC is still in private beta and will be a while before a full blow Public release appends to the store.

Here is an amazing looking Music app for all of you which is based on keeping Windows Phone as Windows Phone!
Summer Music makes use of the tiles, the flow of the artist images, it all fits perfectly on the screen. The app is in private beta and the developer says its almost completed but we got a sneak peak with a video below :

Seems to be really fast and the UI looks great!

So How do you guys find the App? Let us know in the comments below.