The Lumia 640 A Sleek, Shiny and Power Packed Budget Phone


Lumia 640 was announced a while back by Microsoft and at that budget and specs it only seemed too wise to get it to India as early as possible. In a country where Android is leading most sales you can actually see Windows Phone devices in the crowd. Earlier when the Lumia 800 launched people were doubtful of this new OS with the public and I was really keen to have a look at this new OS, although I moved from Symbian to WP it was a downgrade in features but upgrade in services.

From then on I decided that Windows Phone had potential and has to be pushed forward. Windows Phone 8 left all the preview devices in the dark but someone everyone managed to upgrade to a new WP8 device and now here we are. Battling in lower and mid range category of Mobile devices. Microsoft has put in a number of lower and mid ranged phones, some successfully grabbing peoples eye and some not. Lumia 520 made record sales after which Lumia 525 followed good growth, getting more Windows Phone devices into the system.

We have finally reached a path where the 400 series Lumia show up, starting from a very low end Lumia 435 and now in the 40 series Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL.

We will talk about both the devices later in depth but for now, Lumia 640 with me for 2 days has made me wonder if a 12,000 Rs Windows Phone device can be a ready competitor to other OEMs.

Here I am going to only talk about the design and feel of the device which I feel really needs some appreciation.

Lumia 640 has a removable back cover which is shiny and smooth which some believe can be slippery , actually not.I feel my old Lumia 525 which was smaller and could fit in my hands was a lot more slippery while Lumia 640 just sticks in the hand.

The corners are not edgy, so no issues keeping it in the pocket or pointed ends that could irritate while typing. The body has a box type feeling, its thin and broad and can fit in the hands easily. The battery has a capacity of  2500 mAh to push you through the day and the whole device has weight of just 145 g. Not heavy at all and easy to use with one hand but that’s only if your hands are not too small.
Audio port at the top and charging at the bottom while the volume and power buttons have a rather steady press and have to be pushed much harder than normal. Again if you have small hands, handling this device with a single hand is going to be tough apart from that, this device seems have everything a budget phone user needs.

Ill give a 9/10 for the display which is totally view able at most angles as well as in direct sunlight, the bigger screen is a plus point to add for.

What more do you need from a 12,000 Rs device ? The Microsoft Lumia 640 is packed with Windows Phone 8 Update 2 which brings some nice changes and we will talk about them all later. For now, have a look at the piece of beauty!!


  1. How does it compete against the 730? Is the display worth competing with the spectacular OLED display on the 730?