Transfer Media Files Using Internet Sharing on Windows Phone


This was just a trial and error case because a friend mine asked me to send a Movie from my Windows Phone over to his Android device and I was shy to say that Windows Phone doesn’t have any other method except via Bluetooth when he asked to turn on Wi-Fi direct system.

What I did was I checked some Wifi Sharing Apps on the Windows Phone store and came through one that could easily other phones access my Media and other files (Keep Reading) to transfer data or even let them upload data right into your own SD card or Phone.

The trick is to connect two phones using a faster medium and that could get files across easily and Bluetooth wasn’t the best way to do it, so I thought about the Internet Sharing ability which shares Internet via Wi-Fi to other phones. Now this means I need a working data plan or else ill be exhausted on my base account but we managed to try everything we could. The good part, IT IS POSSIBLE TO TRANSFER HEAVY FILES IN SECONDS at a small cost.

The video below demonstrates how to do it but ill explain the working anyway.

First of all you need the app called Easy Transfer like any other FTP client but I preferred this for the UI assuming you already have a data connection. I suggest you switch to 2G before you go for this because on a 3G network you maybe charged a lot.

Some of the tests I did transferring different file sizes using 2G and then 3G gave me surprising results. I used 2G and transferred a 10 MB music file but the cost for it was just 40KB , I then used 3G and transferred 800 MB video and it cost 6MB.
So if this is fine with you then its probably best way to transfer large files using Internet Sharing.

Have a go at this and let us know if its convenient and try small files first just in case.

Tip by Abdul Muhaymin Arif : Turn of Mobile data once your connected, data wont be charged and you can seamlessly send and receive data


  1. Simple.. Turn Mobile data on, Internet Sharing On, suddenly go and turn off mobile data, you will not loose money, you can transfer with wifi speed.. the 40 kb, 6 mb you mentioned was not used by easy transfer app, it is due to some other syncing,, transferring will not cost you single penny

    • I did try the same, but when 3G was on it did cost me, made sure nothing else is running.
      Anyways thanks for the tip, its kinda cool it works.