Try the ‘Cafaholic’ App! Easiest Way to Find Bars and Cafes Near You


Do you love coffee? or, Do you love to hangout with your friends in cafes? If yes, then surely we have an app that will help you a lot. Cafaholic is a very smart way to find out cafes and bars near you. For example, if you want try out some new cafes, but don’t know which one to choose, Cafaholic makes it easier. It will find the cafes and bars under 2KM or 5KM of range, depends on you which you choose.

In the app, from the list of cafes you can select any of the cafes/bars you are interested in and can check-in or like that cafe. The app provides a map of the cafe or bar and also provides the phone number too (Yeah, call directly and book a table). One last thing, make sure to turn on ‘location’ before you find out your morning coffee. Try out the app  and tell us how useful you find it 😉

Download Cafaholic from Here or, Scan the QR Code below