Unlock/Jailbreak your Microsoft Lumia Windows 10 Mobile now


Do you think you have unlocked all the capabilities of you Windows 10 Mobile?

Well not really, even if you are waiting for the official update you should keep in mind not to update the Extras + Info app to the latest version. I repeat, DO NOT UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION so that you can go through this easy tutorial to unlock your Windows 10 mobile to better capabilities.

Well what all can you do?

Here’s the list right from XDA-Developers :

Here is all about jailbreak and unlocks for your Windows 10 mobile,

Device Unlock
[XAP] vcREG:Lumia Reg Editor+Jailbreak (interop unlocking ,fs access) No SD,WP8,W10M
Description: vcREG is a powerful Lumia registry editor developed by vcFan. It includes a list of templates to get permanent Interop/Capability Unlock and other cool things (like Full FS Access via MTP). The latest version is 1.5 (see post #340) and allows you to restore the previous version of extras + info which is necessary to write the registry without restrictions. Version 1.5 adds experimental support to Lumia950/950XL (even though there are still problems for these devices, see the thread for details) which don’t have extras + info pre-installed, but the instructions are slightly different. Also, remember to not updateextras + info! You can disable automatic updates or add it to the blacklist (see post #303 and #304).

[1/1/2016]Permanently interop Unlock your WP (even after hard reset)
Description: This thread by Riyad_ explains how to permanently unlock your Windows Phone, even after an hard reset. If you’re not able to download the needed files, see post #6.

[JAILBREAK][GUIDE]Interop Unlock for Windows 10 Mobile + All Capabilities
Description: Root Tool v2.0 is a tool developed by djamol that allows you to Interop/Capability unlock your Lumia/Samsung device. It works fine on build 10586 but does not work with the latest update of extras+info. If you have already updated extras+info just hard reset your device, disable automatic store updates and unlock your device (or just use vcREG 1.5).

Windows Phone Internals – Unlock bootloader, enable Root Access, create Custom ROM
Description: This tool by Heathcliff74 allows you to unlock the bootloader of selected Lumia Windows Phone models. After unlocking the bootloader, you can enable Root Access on the phone or create and flash Custom ROM’s. Root Access allows you to load your own homebrew software onto the phonewith high privileges. Apps can escape from their sandboxes. The tool can also create backup-images of the phone and access the file-system in Mass Storage mode.

[TUTORIAL] Deploy XAPs easily with WPV Xap Deployer
Description: This guide by MrCego explains how to sideload XAP files on your device using WPV XAP Deployer and Windows Phone SDK Lite. NOTE: If your device is not yet unlocked, you need to enable “Developer mode” in Settings > Update & Security > For Developers.

Tutorial | Lumia devices flashing
Description: This guide by Kaptaiin explains how to flash your Lumia device with a stock ROM. This guide is recommended to people who want to flash a specific ROM (e.g. to debrand or downgrade). If you simply want to flash the latest stock ROM consider using Windows Device Recovery Tool.

How to uninstall/reinstall Settings Extra Apps in W10M
Description: This thread by w.bogdan explains how to uninstall extra settings apps in Windows 10 Mobile.

[GUIDE] Full FileSystem Access over SFTP on Windows 10 Mobile
Description: Full FS Access via MTP doesn’t truly give full file system access as there are files and folders that are still inaccessible. Thanks to this guide by snickler you’ll be able to browse the whole filesystem through an SFTP connection. Works fine on build 10586, just ignore wconnect errors. Interop Unlock is required.

[TWEAK] De-watermark Bing Lockscreen
Description: This guide by winphoneuser explains how to remove the Bing watermark from the “Pic of the day” when you set Bing as lockscreen wallpaper. Interop Unlock is required.

[TUTORIAL] Changing the font system (Buxton Sketch, Comic Sans and more)
Description: This guide by denisf1981 explains how to manually change the system font. You can also do this with DHT Font Change (see Utilities). Interop Unlock is required.

[HOWTO] [CAUTION] Maximize the potential of the (Lumia) Win10M camera
Description: This guide by AsvinDG explains what registry keys you should edit to maximize the potential of your camera (Lumia only). Interop Unlock is required.

[TUTORIAL] How to change the icons of quick status of the lock screen.
Description: This guide by denisf1981 explains how to replace lockscreen icons for any application. Interop-Unlock and Full FS Access are required.

[W10M BUILDS] Update links collection (cab-files) for various devices
Description: This thread by HD2Owner explains how to manually update to a specific Windows Insider build. To update, you need cab files specific for your device. Only few devices cabs are listed.

[TWEAK] Install homebrew apps as settings apps
Description: This thread by winphouser explains how to list a sideloaded application as a setting app.

[Firmware] Download all Lumia firmware And emergency files
Description: This website by Cholens lists the latest firmwares for all the Lumia devices available on Microsoft servers.

[XAP][18/09/2015][0.6] CustomPFD: registry editor + tweaks
Description: A great utility developed by Pasquiindustry that allows you to browse and edit part of the system registry. There are also lots of settings that you can customize directly without the need of browsing the system registry.

[116 TWEAKS] 2015-09-30 Tweaks for Windows 10 mobile – Quick Action button etc…….
Description: This tool is developed by kwanice and is based on WPTweaker by sensboston. It allows you to customize lots of settings to tweak your phonelike the ability to use static IP, add 5th action button, etc.

[XAP]▒▒▒▒▒ Storage Explorer ▒▒▒▒▒
Description: A file manager developed by spavlin that allows you to browse, copy, edit and delete files from the root of the File System. Not all the folders are accessible. Some folders are accessible by writing the full path.

[XAP][Source] DHT Font Change for Windows Phone
Description: This app developed by DHT group allows you to replace the default system font with a custom one. It officially works on Lumia devices,Samsung devices are partially supported.

[XAP] AdBlocker For Windows Phone 8.x+
Description: This app developed by sandix allows you to replace HOSTS file to block annoying ads. You can customize the URL of the HOSTS file with multiple entries, view the entries of your current HOSTS file and restore your HOSTS file with an empty one.

[APP][1.5] Device Diagnostics HUB: Performances + Drivers + Processes + Apps + WiFi
Description: This app by Pasquiindustry allows you to get lots of useful information about your device (CPU/RAM/GPU usage, download/upload speed, active system processes etc.) using Devices Portal.


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