Windows 10 mobile expected shortly after 21st Jan event


Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Mobile 10 is close, tweets and concepts of the new start screen are flying around like they own it, people cannot wait any longer for this new evolved version of Windows Phone. Recently an app headed into the Windows Phone store, the Phone Insider app , with its name gives a hint that it is preview enabler app, which should give the user Windows 10 mobile preview if credentials match and are a part of the Insider program. A lot of users are on the Insider program for Windows 10 desktop and if this gives same access for the mobile version, it would be excellent to let people have preview early like they always do.

When can we expect the preview? Check the tweet below!

Windows 10 is not far where 21st January seems like an official announcement for Windows 10 as well as Windows mobile 10 which probably follows preview for user shortly after the event.

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