Windows 10: New Animation, Data Sense and Battery Saver in Action


Microsoft has rolled Windows 10 latest build, and you haven’t downloaded you can below  how to update to latest build. The latest Version of Windows 10 brings the build number up to 9860.

To download the latest build follow below steps:

  • Click on start menu
  • Type in search box “Winodws Update”
  • Choose “Windows update Settings”
  • In the left click on “Preview Builds”
  • Click “Check now”
  • Download the Latest Build that is 9860

After completing above steps the waiting time begins.

There is lots of amelioration in Windows 10 latest build; however we will only emphasis on Data sense, battery savers and new animation in action.

As we have shown you in above video, the new animation which comes during opening and closing windows.

The second most important features in this build are Data sense for the users who are using metered Internet connections.  Press Windows key + C to open charm bar then click on ‘Setting’ –> click on ‘Change PC Setting’ –>click on Data Sense.

Currently, Overview and Usage are the same thing, right now the features of data sense are not fully activate. Under Usage Windows 10 will show you the individual apps that using data, so you can keep the track on applications which are using more data.

As the name suggest, Battery Saver will help your device make the best use of your battery. You can set the limiting background activity on your device when you turn on this feature. You can activate this feature anytime however you can also set it automatically on when there is user stated percentage of battery left.