Windows/Windows Phone future merged kernel : “Windows OneCore”




WalkingCat  had some really great news to uncover about the new Window OS named Threshold where the expectations are pretty high since the Windows and Windows Phone’s cores are going to merge into one single system.

This was then again leaked with a post that appeared on Microsoft Careers that One Microsoft OS will allows the integration of PC’s,phones, tablets and Xbox which will implement the XAML UI across all platforms.

An SDE Intern on LinkedIn writes:

-Porting trademark Windows Phone features for use in any Windows operating environment through Windows OneCore

Slideshare with a resume :



MinWin was the initial name for OneCore which is the mini kernel for Windows with a new name and clearly shows off the thought of merging all the Windows Environment into one, the ONECORE!

What do our users figure about this? Can Windows Phone take a leak of the look of Windows RT along with performance?